What You Don’t Know About CrossFit That You Should

New or interested in trying CrossFit? Then this blog is for you!

Let’s get this out of the way: the people you see on TV doing CrossFit? Those are professionals. They eat, sleep, breathe CrossFit and are lucky enough to call it their day job. Just like in every sport there are elite athletes, and the ones you see at the CrossFit Games are exactly that - the top 1%. But…. CrossFit is for EVERYONE. Name, age, or gender, CrossFit does not discriminate!

Which leads me to my next point of discussion. You (yes you pointing at yourself in front of your screen) do movements we see in CrossFit classes everyday. Ever pick up your child off the ground? That’s CrossFit (you just deadlifted your child). Or feel like you’ve won the gold medal after making it inside with your groceries in one trip? That’s CrossFit (a farmer carry to be exact). How about sitting down on a bench or chair and then getting back up? That's CrossFit (squatting, boom). Believe it or not we are all already CrossFit athletes and don’t even know it. So if you’re contemplating trying your first class or even getting started, you’re better off than you thought!

Here, at CrossFit Lōzen, we offer a four class foundations course that is scheduled around your availability. In these four classes we will introduced to all of the basic movements you will see in a CrossFit class, so you can hit the ground running when you start! These classes allow us as trainers to see where you may be weaker in some movements so we can be aware of them once you start classes as well. Each session runs approximately 40-50 minutes allowing time for questions you might have at the end of class.

Our members range from 14 to 60+ and all participate in CrossFit classes! When you join a CrossFit box you not only get fit but you make a whole new group of friends and become part of a community that is irreplaceable. CrossFit has been proven to significantly increase all health related bio-markers in a short period of time.Try it out, your first class is on us, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Make today great,