Keys to Getting Back Into the Gym After the Holidays

You’ve heard it before, but we’re gonna say it again… CONSISTENCY IS KEY! It’s not only the key to performing well in the gym, but to achieving any long-term goal, especially those relating to health and fitness.

Honestly, it’s hard - really hard - to get back in the groove after a break (whether it’s just one week or a few…) So, what’s the best way to get back into the gym?

Start small.

Start small, like really small. After a long break, it takes less than you think to challenge your body. The biggest thing is regaining your momentum. Starting small helps you stick with it and build your confidence back up. Not to mention, it helps you avoid the “I can barely walk” soreness—no one has time for that! Your first few workouts back, grab the lighter kettlebell and simply focus on getting your heart rate up and breaking a killer sweat.

Just do it.

This is easier said than done, but there’s no better time than the present to get your butt back in the gym. The more you think about it, justify it, analyze it, doubt it… the more time you waste not attaining your goals. Just do it! Show up and put in the work. You definitely won’t regret it!

Set a schedule and stick to it.

The hardest thing about the holidays for me was, hands down, a lack of routine. I’m a creature of habit, and not having my workouts planned for the week (plus the freezing temperatures) gave me every excuse not to go to the gym. Have you heard the saying, “It’s not real unless you write it down”? In all seriousness, at the beginning of the week, pick a time for each workout, put it on paper or plug it into your calendar app, for the tech savvy among us and DO NOT CANCEL on yourself!

Start your day with a win.

Each morning is another opportunity for a fresh start, so tackle it like the winner you are! Willpower is highest in the morning, so create an AM routine that will set you up for success the rest of your day. Getting up on the right side of the bed is simpler than you think…

Get a buddy.

Accountability plays a crucial role in success. Although some of us are great at holding ourselves accountable, having a buddy doubles the likelihood that you’ll work out. Find someone you care about, someone you click with, someone who will push you to get out of bed on a cold Sunday morning and hold you accountable for not showing up.

Schedule a goals meeting!

If you haven’t realized this already, we have pretty incredible coaches at our gym. They truly are experts in all things health and fitness, and better yet, they want to help YOU! These guys seriously geek out on not only helping you set your goals, but crushing them. Set yourself up for success this year and schedule a goals meeting.

Eating healthy and working out are actually really simple. It’s important to not over-complicate things. That only leads to unhelpful stress and guilt. Eat your veggies, get your body moving, celebrate every win, and enjoy the process!

Remember, it's not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you were the day before.

Make today great...