Hannah & Lexi on Fox 6!

Yeah, that's right we're kinda famous now. Don't worry, we won't forget the little people on our rise to stardom!

A few weeks ago, one of our members, who happens to be Fox 6's Chief Meteorologist, Rob Haswell asked if he could bring a camera to Lōzen to shoot a promo video for Fox 6. Because, of course, Lōzen is his new happy place! And we, of course, said yes! As some of you may have seen, the promo started airing on Sunday night during the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) that aired on Fox 6. Friends even sent us pics of us on their tv!

We were able to get a copy of the promo, so here it is! Watch the whole thing, because one of us makes an appearance twice! (spoiler alert, it's Hannah!)

Thanks so much Rob for thinking of us and wanting to share your new found love for CrossFit with all of your viewers!

And we are available for autographs before and after all classes. 😜

Make today great,

Lexi (and Hannah)