Dinner in 10 Minutes or Less

Let’s face it, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, but dinner should always be a priority.

Everyone has had one of those days where you look at the clock and can’t remember the last time you ate, but you should have been out the door five minutes ago to get Jimmy to his clarinet lesson. So, you run out the door, and push dinner off until 10 pm and end up eating your dinner, plus Jimmy’s, because you’re so hungry (By the way Jimmy is just the neighbor so you don’t feel bad about eating his dinner). Well good news! I’m here to give you three quick and easy recipes that are simple yet delicious and all involve a rotisserie chicken. Because who doesn’t instantly start salivating when they walk by them in the grocery store. (Jimmy doesn't, and this is why we don’t feel bad about eating his food earlier). Recipe #1: Stir Fry I’m going to let you in on a mind blowing secret of mine. The grocery store salad bar. Walk in, grab the largest container they have, fill it with all the veggies you love in a stir fry. Grab a rotisserie chicken. Go home and dump the container of veggies in a pan, sauté for 5ish minutes with some salt and pepper. Remove from heat, add in rotisserie chicken and BOOM!

Recipe #2: Loaded Sweet Potatoes Ingredients: •Sweet potatoes •Rotisserie chicken •G. Hughes SF BBQ sauce •Sautéed onions (optional) Microwave sweet potato for 4-5 minutes depending on size. Cut in half, scoop out one spoonful from the center of each side. Hand shred your rotisserie chicken and top with BBQ sauce and onions. DONE.

Recipe #3: Buffalo Chicken Wraps Ingredients: •Franks Buffalo Wing Sauce •Bunch of Romaine lettuce •Uncle Ben's Jasmine 90 second Rice •Rotisserie chicken •Avocado Follow directions to cook Uncle Ben’s rice in the microwave. Rinse and dry lettuce leaves. Set out desired amount of leaves. Shred rotisserie chicken into bowl, pour wing sauce on chicken to taste and mix. Divide chicken into wraps, top with rice and avocado slices. YUM.

In all seriousness, I have tried each of these recipes while in a pinch for time and have not been disappointed. Eating healthy when in a time crunch can be delicious while keeping it easy. A rotisserie chicken is a great start to any quick and easy meal on the go or at night when you need something at the last second. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it. And Jimmy can make his own dinner.

Please leave feedback or a comment if you try any or all three of the recipes!

Make today great,