What is CrossFit Lite - and why you need to try it!

Believe it or not, everyone who does CrossFit does not squat 300 pounds or run a sub five minute mile. Many of us, myself included, do CrossFit to improve their quality of life and have fun working out with others in a community setting.

So, what is CrossFit Lite exactly?

CrossFit Lite is a great introduction to our regular CrossFit classes here at CrossFit Lōzen. These classes utilize the same principles of our CrossFit classes; constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. Most importantly you will have fun while doing it!

Not interested in lifting heavy weights? No problem. In CrossFit Lite we teach functional movement patterns of compound lifts that are directly related to movements in everyday life. We will emphasize the use of kettle bells, open/light barbells, medicine balls, gymnastics rings and body weight movements for most of class. Progressions of skills are broken down to the very basics making it achievable for all skill levels. Each class ends with a conditioning workout that will leave you sweating and ready for more. CrossFit Lite will provide you with a safe, challenging and rewarding workout each time you visit!

Below is an example class:



Rope Climb Progressions (practicing the clamp with your feet)


Back Squat


3 Rounds for Time:

20 Kettle bell Swings

20 Reverse Lunges

20 Calorie Row


The best part about all of this? Your first class is on us! It's as easy as clicking here and picking your first class!

Remember, it's not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you were the day before.

Until next time,