Comparing yourself to others? Don’t do it.

We live in a world of comparison. We compare jobs, homes, vehicles, kids, abilities and even values. We constantly put ourselves up against those around us instead of going up against ourselves. Kids are growing up being taught to compare grades to their classmates, compare the clothes they wear to what is “cool”, compare who has the most up to date technology, and the list goes on. Adults compare cars they drive, homes they live in, and even jobs.

This is why I love CrossFit, it’s you and the clock. We are challenged by time, loads and modalities that put us out of our comfort zone and give us a measurable result. Something we can re-test and look back on to see if we have improved and where our fitness abilities match up.

Do you ever workout and notice that you are comparing yourself to those around you? Do you ever find yourself searching everyone else’s score first before class even starts? Or maybe you see someone’s score and say things like, “Why can’t I do what they do or move as fast as they can?”

When I evaluate my comparison, I realize I am comparing apples to oranges. My story, circumstances, and abilities can only be compared to me. I then have to ask myself, “Am I doing the best I can with where I am at right now? Am I better than I was a week ago or 6 months ago? Did I show up today and give MY best effort?”

Next time you feel yourself in comparison mode, take a minute to evaluate what or whom you are making a comparison too! You would not compare apples to oranges would you?

Don’t get me wrong, competition is healthy and we are all about racing to get that last burpee in. But when you log your score, it is much more important to know you did everything you could to get better than to look at every other persons score to determine how YOU did.

We recommend keeping a journal to log and keep track of individual progress. It has been shown not only to help with individual progress but when Joe Schmo beats you next time you do “Cindy” and feel defeated…. you can log your score and realize YOU can finally put an RX next to that number! Want a Lōzen notebook to help track your progress? You can get one here!

Progress is progress no matter how small.

Make today great,