Coach Lexi's tips to help catch some more zzz's tonight

How’s your sleep these days? I can probably make a pretty good guess.

Remember that we need to be getting sleep as chronically not sleeping ( getting less than 6 hours consistently a night) can make our health a hot mess.

  • We will get sick more often

  • We will be more cranky than usual

  • Digestion gets wonky

  • We will have trouble losing weight

  • Energy levels tank

  • Our workouts suck & we’re hitting plateaus in the gym

You get the point. Sleep’s super important to living our best lives!

Ideal goal: 7-9 hours of sleep per night with minimal interruptions. Wake up feeling rested without the desire to want to go back to bed.

Habits for better sleep:

  • Get sunlight. Go for a walk outside for 20 minutes in the A.M. or take lunch outside.

  • Shut off electronics 30 minutes before bed. Light from these devices keeps your brain stimulated.

  • Read a book, journal about your day, or even do some light stretching.

  • Keep your bedroom on point.

  • Invest in a good, mattress, pillows, and sheets

  • Keep your room at a cool & comfortable temperature, keep it dark.

  • Use earplugs, sleep masks, blackout curtains, or fans for white noise

  • Pets? If they keep you up, make them a bed somewhere else or try to get them to sleep in their crate.

  • Cut out caffeine at least 8 hours before bedtime and limit to 200-300mg or less a day.

  • Alcohol can put you out, but it’s not quality sleep. Best to avoid before bed.

  • Avoid lots of fluids before (1-2 hours) bed & use the bathroom before calling it quits so you’re not waking up in the middle of the night.

  • If you’re hungry, eat a light meal before bed. Bigger meals can lead to indigestion. Avoid foods you don’t agree with.

With every one of my clients, we create a nighttime routine. Set a bedtime that works with your schedule to hit a target sleep time & work backward from there.

  • read a book

  • listen to chill music, or sit outside

  • stretch, mobility work, or take a bath

  • get clothes or food prepared for the next day

  • journal/reflect or talk to your significant other about your day

Do your best to make small changes to start. Pick one thing a week to start working on for your nighttime routine. Even 30 minutes a night adds up!

Just keep working at it!

Coach Lexi