How to Fuel for the Open

Ready or not the open is here! Fueling your body is critical for top personal performance in any sport or fitness type.

Before you can expect to perform at your best, you have to be rested and recovered to perform, which means making sure you are eating enough leading up to your open workout (today and tomorrow). This does NOT mean time to load up on pizza, sushi, or ice cream. You want good quality carbohydrates here: rice, whole wheat pasta, potatoes, oats, and even fruit. Do not be afraid to add in an extra 50-100 grams of carbohydrates within the 24 hours before you plan on completing the workout.

Additionally, you want to be well hydrated going into the gym. Make sure the night before you’re not going to bed thirsty and when you wake up in the morning you drink a full glass of water. Unfortunately, you can’t fix dehydration 20 minutes before you take on an Open workout so plan ahead. Dehydration can leave you feeling like a dumpster that has oddly caught fire.

Now that you’ve had a substantial dinner, drank plenty of water the day before, got a solid eight hours of sleep, you wake up and have your glass of water, it’s almost game time. Your breakfast the morning of should not be out of the norm for you. Don’t veer off the road and try something entirely new. About 90 minutes before “3, 2, 1...GO!”, we suggest eating a solid protein and carbohydrate-based meal with easily digestible foods. You’ll be feeling energized but not over full. If you typically take a pre-workout or drink coffee, take it. If you don’t, today is not the day to try C4 and end up feeling like you’re on a rocket ship to the moon.

After you’ve completed your Open workout, it is now time to recover. Whether it’s your first Open or fifth, it tends to be stressful on everyone. Stress can shut down parts of the nervous system making it really challenging to eat or even feel hungry. Eating simple foods here is key. Vegetables are great, but immediately post workout is typically not the time for them. Using a protein and carbohydrate powder (one of our favorites is Nova 3 Lab’s Max Recovery) would be the most ideal. A general range of protein is 20-25g and 25-50g of carbohydrates, but all numbers typically are based on the individual and the workout. Within the next 60-90 minutes, you will want to eat a nutrient-dense meal that is higher in carbs and protein with a little fat to replenish what you’ve lost during the workout.

I hope this helps give you a little insight on how to be prepared and ready for each open workout from a nutrition standpoint! As a coach, my best advice would be to have a plan for each workout that is going to benefit YOU as an athlete! And most importantly… HAVE FUN!!

Make today great,