Reduce Your Stress to Increase Your Energy

Your energy level is vital for the quality of life you want to live. The question is, what is your current energy level? Are you a “dragger”? That person always looking for energy to jump start your day? Or are you a “peak ‘performer”? That person who wakes up ready to share your passionate energy with the world? For those peak performers, you may find that this information is a review to how you go about your day. But, if you consider yourself a dragger, I hope you find this blog resourceful. At least the part about giving yourself a 3-5 minute BREAK in your already overwhelming multitasking day to recharge the brain. Stress – we all have it – which is not necessarily a terrible thing. In fact, our body needs stress to grow stronger both physically and mentally. The question is, are you able to manage it? Do you know how to recharge your brain daily to provide yourself with optimal energy? Did you know that our brain has five times more negative circuits than positive circuits causing the brain? As a coach who listens to a lot of conversations throughout my day, I notice that fatigue and stress is a common theme. My hope is that by adding these simple steps to your daily routine, you can be on the fast track to reducing your stress and increasing your energy level, giving you the life you deserve to live. 5 Steps to Reduce Stress and Increase Energy Step #1 – Prepare your brain for good quality sleep.

Having a bedtime routine that includes shutting down electronics an hour before you plan to get those 6-8 hours of rest your body needs. The routine may include some meditation music, reading a book, journaling, a leisure walk or light stretching. Try putting down your phone a good 20-30 minutes before you plan on going to bed. That’s right I said it, put your phone down (teacher voice). Why do I recommend no technology in this down time? Because those electronic devices have electromagnetic fields coming off that can disrupt our rhythm to turn off. Step #2 – Create a positive morning routine.

Before you pick up that phone, turn on the TV or plug into the computer to see what you have missed in the world. Try some morning movement and meditation. Having a morning walk or stretching routine that allows you to think about who you want to be before you think about what you want to do for today is great for stress management. Putting your brain into a gratitude state will help start a productive mindset rather than a reactive mindset. And when you do finally plug into the world, try searching for something funny first – whatever that may be for you! There is proven research that humor helps decrease the stress hormone, cortisol. And don’t be afraid to share it with someone. Because let’s be honest, when we turn on the news these days, it’s usually doesn’t involve things that make us laugh. I get mornings can be busy for most, this doesn’t have to be long, 5 minutes maybe, make it yours.

Step #3 – Connect with what you’re eating.

It’s so simple, but why is it so hard to eat a good clean diet?! Why, because most of us do not take the time to connect with what it is we are eating. By connecting to what you are eating may help prevent you from emotional eating. We are in such a hurry throughout our day that we need fast and convenient in order for it to work. Truth is, you are in control of your brains vitality by what you feed it. Now we all know there are lots of different diets out there, especially when it comes to fueling our body for recovery, strength building, endurance training and weight loss. Many of our clean eating diets provide what our brain needs. Actually sitting down and enjoying every bite and tasting the food. Taking that quality time to allow your body to properly digest what you are feeding it. Step #4 – Make movement an ALL DAY priority.

It is rewarding as a coach to see you show up day after day for CrossFit. But, is it enough? Are you giving yourself small movement breaks during the rest of your day? I love this quote.. “Are you a BEAST in the gym and a SLOTH outside of it?” In other words, do you sit at a desk or on the couch for the rest of your day assuming that your 60 minutes was enough? Try to take a quality 3-5 minute reboot break every hour to regain focus and energy. And while you are at it, encourage those on your team/staff to do the same to prevent those brain cramps that slow down productivity. Step #5 – Recharge with mini-breaks throughout the day.

Just like moving we need to team a break from our fast paced life. This can be writing in a journal, listening to one of your favorite songs, calling a friend, getting outside for some fresh air or even going for a quick walk. Just adding these in 2-3 times a day will increase your productivity and overall mood.

Stay present and don’t get caught up in life, it can be easy and ever so overwhelming at times. Stress is going to be a part of life no matter who you are but how you handle it can make or break you. Mental health is important, don’t be afraid to talk about it!

Make today great,