Back to School Lunches Made Easy

It’s that time of year again! All the school supply shopping is done and everyone is rocking their new first day outfit but what about lunch? I can remember being in school (insert age appropriate joke here) and being famished by the time lunch rolled around. If your child is lucky to wake up early enough to eat breakfast, their metabolism is moving! Kids are expected to learn and retain information all day, but they can’t do that on an empty stomach. That’s like expecting a car to run with no gas…that’s just isn’t going to happen. Making sure your child is fueled for the day is crucial.

But what does a well balanced lunch look like? You may be wondering where to start. That’s okay! With anyone no matter their age we need to make sure their hitting the most important macros, protein and carbohydrates, to keep them energized and fat to keep them satisfied for the rest of the day. Veggies are just the cherry on top, full of nutrients!

Making a healthy lunch can be quick and easy when done right. If found when prepping for myself, the night before works best so why not for school lunches?

Check out “Lexi’s Lunch Made Easy Guide” below!

Again, these options are all guidelines on how to build a quick, easy and nutritious lunch! There are plenty of great options out there. Sticking to whole foods is best or ones that are minimally processed. When choosing pre-packaged snacks look at the sugar content, trying to stick to ones that are on the low end. Some quality brands include:

-Annie’s (granola bars, crackers, popcorn, fruit snacks)

-Bare (dried fruit)

-Siggi’s (yogurt)

-Quaker (rice cakes, granola bars)

-Epic (beef jerky, granola protein bars)


-Once upon a farm (fruit & veggie pouches)

-Sabra (guacamole and hummus to go)

The better quality of food you put in your kiddo or teen, the better quality of the behavior you get out…hanger is a thing people (look it up in the dictionary). High sugar, high processed foods won’t fuel that brain or stomach; it will just leaving your student at the starting line. Get ahead in the race and make sure they have enough quality fuel for the day!

Make today great!