What is Lōzen?

What is Lōzen? Absolutely, positively #braverthanmost!

There are many things involved in starting a new box, but one of the most challenging is not what you would think: Picking the right name. It’s quite a process.

Our name, Crossfit Lōzen, is very important to us. So many people have asked us what it means, and we love to tell the story of Lozen, a 19th century warrior of the Warm Springs Apache. Some of what is known about Lozen, is lost to history. But we know enough about Lozen to realize that we wanted her not just as our namesake but as our guiding spirit.

Painting of Lozen

Lozen was the sister of the famous war chief Victorio, but she is remembered for more than just being someone’s sister. She was an astute warrior in her own right. She is remembered as a warrior and as a skilled military strategist. She was a gifted medicine woman and served as a spiritual leader for her people, and legend has it that she also possessed spiritual abilities that allowed her to predict the movement of her enemies.

As a child, Lozen showed little interest in the traditional roles taught to a young girl. She preferred the way of the warrior. More than 200 years ago, Lozen took it upon herself to define what she would and could do rather than letting someone else do it for her.

Lozen’s brother, Victorio, described her this way: “she is my right hand, strong as a man, braver than most, and cunning in strategy. Lozen is a shield to her people.”

We can think of no better person to inspire us, to encourage us and to guide us on this journey. Every single person who works out with us can be braver than most like Lozen was. In fact, that’s our mission, and it’s why you’ll see #braverthanmost in all that we do. We invite you to join us, both in and out of our box, in adopting this philosophy.

Welcome to Crossift Lozen. You can be #braverthanmost.