January 24, 2018

With the CrossFit Open less than a month away. Let’s start with the basics.

What is the CrossFit Open?

The Open is comprised of five workouts over five weeks, and it starts with 18.1. Open workouts are identified by their year and the order that they appear. The workou...

January 15, 2018


Is this where your workout ends? The sweaty, sucking wind, new PR post workout feeling is awesome, but the workout isn’t really over until the next one begins.  In response to exercise the muscle fibers are damaged, tissues are inflamed, and energy stores are de...

January 9, 2018

You’ve heard it before, but we’re gonna say it again… CONSISTENCY IS KEY!  It’s not only the key to performing well in the gym, but to achieving any long-term goal, especially those relating to health and fitness.

Honestly, it’s hard - really hard - to get back in the g...

December 19, 2017

Only two weeks until the New Year’s (I cannot believe it either!) but that does not mean we have to put our health to the wayside. Here are nine do’s and don’ts to help from digging yourself a hole for 2018.

December 14, 2017

'Tis the season for traveling to see extended family and loved ones for the holidays. Let’s face it at one point or another you are packing everyone in the car like sardines and going to grandma's house for the weekend for some holiday cheer. Which results in a long we...

December 5, 2017

CrossFit Lōzen Non-negotiables

Here at CrossFit Lōzen we like to do things a certain way. Like always run a specific warm-up for each class, and meet at the white board before every metcon. Which at times may seem repetitive, but helps lay the foundation for every...

November 30, 2017

Raise your hand if you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night. Well if you are staring at your phone or computer screen with your hand up, you fall in the same category as about 30 million other Americans according to WebMD.(1) I’m sure we have all b...

November 13, 2017

Believe it or not, everyone who does CrossFit does not squat 300 pounds or run a sub five minute mile. Many of us, myself included, do CrossFit to improve their quality of life and have fun working out with others in a community setting.

So, what is CrossFit Lite exactl...

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